The history of our collaboration with Ek Ek Paila (step by step)
10. December 2017
„Irene“ – Source of drinking water in Vikasnagar
26. May 2018

Blindness separates people from things;
Deafness separates people from people.

– Helen Keller*

Dear Friends of the GMP Foundation,

2017 was an intensive and busy year full of work for our GMP Foundation, focused on sustainability.

Giving deaf or hard of hearing children their hearing back means not only giving them a new future, but a future at all.

In our opinion, the perspective of an independent life is an epitome of “sustainability”: finally having the chance for better education and a career opportunity opens up a new world for these children.

The contemplative Christmas time makes us all thoughtful and with pride we look back on a very successful year:

With our free medical health camps in Mugu and Humla in Nepal, we have been able to help hundreds of people in these remote mountain regions to get the opportunity to be examined and treated by medical specialists. What is implicitness for us in Western Europe, is not only unaffordable for the poor people in the Nepalese mountain region, but also facilities for those are not even available. Many thanks to all of you who helped us to implement these important projects. There is no more precious gift than health.

Another highlight in 2017 was our fight against hearing disabilities of children and adolescents in Northern India.

It is our vision to help people sustainably. And what is more sustainable than paving the way into a better future for young people with little perspective? This of course includes access to education for all. But our work starts even before that! Because what is more valuable for reaching that aim than regaining basic skills like hearing?

Within the scope of this project, we treated 60 children surgically, including 58 successfully. They can now hear again and also use and develop their language. A promising future awaits them: they can attend school and have the opportunity to learn a profession.

We will help the two children with hearing impairment with hearing aids.

We are very happy about the great success of this important project and want to thank everyone who was involved! Without the great commitment on the ground and your support all this would not have been possible.

We wish the young patients that their regained hearing and the new self-confidence help them to achieve all their goals… a lot of success and joy in the future!

Again in 2018 we want to help sustainably together with the German Pharmacists’ Aid. We’re looking forward to any kind of collaboration, because as is well-known we can do more working together than alone – that’s how we can really make a difference.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a joyful healthy and peaceful 2018.

In deep gratitude to all of you dear family and friends for supporting me and my mission.

All I have to reciprocate your kindness with is the joyful fact that it is only with your endorsement and encouragement which has enabled us to offer these children an opportunity to gradually develop a sense of self-worth, to lead a life in dignity and perhaps cherish a dream for better future.

Thank you, thank you and thank you many times over

For today I bid you goodbye with the traditional salutation of our clan

जय  माताजी

“Jai Mataji”

“Hailed be our celestial Mother Goddess”

Dr. Shashi Praetorius

Founder GMP Foundation

The way into a better future: Hearing has improved in almost all cases improved after surgery. Their behavior and social interaction both in the school as well as in home environment also enhanced a lot due to the increased sound perception.

Binjola, 13 years old
Both ears are free from disease

 Nisha, 15 years old
Very good hearing improvement

Shahrugh, 17 years old
Left side ear is free from disease

Charity Medical Camp in Humla, October 2017: Our team was able to examine and treat several hundreds of people over the period of four days.

Charity Medical Camp in Mugu, April 2017: It is a wonderful “win win” equation, because the mountain population receives high quality and differentiated medical care and thanks to their gratitude the team of Ek Ek Paila experiences infinite happiness and satisfaction.

*Helen Keller (1880 – 1968) Blind and Deaf American Educator, Journalist, Activist for physically disabled – leading humanitarian of the 20th century as well as cofounder of ACLU – American Cilvil Liberties Union