FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions about the Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius Foundation


How did the foundation come about? Were you, through their family roots, often visiting the area and having a picture of the life situation there?

The "initial ignition" was a conversation with our like-minded friend Dr. Dietrich Hueck. The foundation was a long-cherished wish of mine. And then, as we say in India and Nepal, the time was right. Everything happens when it is to happen. No sooner or later. In November 2012, the foundation was launched.

Why is the foundation named after Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius?

For countless patients and me there is no better doctor in the world. He is not only an ingenious surgeon, but also a wonderful "bedside physician" and human friend. The foundation could not have a better name. In addition, the medicine has a great tradition in the family Praetorius, which leads its sound name since 1573. Already since the 18th century many family members have become doctors. Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius is a urologist in the third generation and his son Manuel continues this tradition very successfully.

Does the local population participate in the projects? So are there community tasks for helpers and help seekers?

On site, the "Medical Camps", which have been developed in collaboration with the "Interplast Munich" Association and the "Dental Volunteers" Association, are very popular. Miners and their families are very grateful for their free medical care. For the first "Interplast Surgical Camp" in the spring of 2014 2,500 patients were registered. At the first dental camp in November of the same year, well over 1,000 adults and children were treated.

How does the population in the Himalayan region of India (mainly Uttarakhand and Nepal) get help?

With great admiration and incredible gratitude. 

What are the most important projects that have been realized so far?

My favorite is the water treatment project in China. Water from the Ganges is treated with German technology for the drinking water (with WHO standard). Further projects can be found here

Why donate to your foundation?

We offer direct help in the god-descended, but beautiful mountainous landscape of the Himalayas. 100% of the donations go into the projects. We do not charge any administrative costs. Travel expenses and expenses of doctors are borne by the members of the Foundation. Our Board of Trustees consists of only three persons (Dr. Dietrich Hueck, Dr. Michaela Princess Wolknsky and Dr. Shashi Netzle-Praetorius). We are supervised by the German Foundation.

Dr. Shashi Netzle-Praetorius

Interview with Dr. Shashi Netzle-Praetorius


Responsible for the operational activities of the Foundation