We are a non-profit foundation
that aims to help the forgotten people in the mountain villages of northern India,

Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 2012 by Dr. Shashi Praetorius together with Princess Dr. Michaela Wolkonsky, Michelle Woodbridge and Dr. Dietrich Hueck.
We started our activity in November 2012.

The Nepalese ancestor of Shashi Praetorius is said to have built the first temple for the "Ganga Ganga" in Gangotri in the 18th century, below the source of the Ganges, which is sacred for the Indo-Nepalese.

From this familial bonds, a close relationship has developed with the land and the people of this remote and beautiful area at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. The poor people there live a very hard life, so this region is officially classified as "Backward". Regarding hygiene and medicine, the area is a white spot - there is really enough to do!