Foundation purpose

Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius foundation
hygiene & medicine

§ 2 - Foundation purpose

1. The Foundation shall pursue exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section entitled "Tax Beneficiary Purposes" of the Tax Code (AO)

2. The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of public health care, education and training with a focus on hygiene and medicine, development cooperation with microprocessors, strict environmental and ecologic considerations, the production of sustainable energy and the environmentally friendly production of local products Related jobs

3. The activities of the Foundation will be focused on projects in the Himalayan region, India (mainly Uttarakhand) and Nepal. However, the foundation can also be involved in similar projects in neighboring countries.

4. The purpose of the foundation shall be achieved, in particular, by means of measures or institutional support:

- the establishment of a previously unavailable drinking water supply with clean and germ-free drinking water according to the WHO recommendation. Especially in the areas of Gangotri and Yamunotri, where two important rivers of India, Ganges and Yamuna, respectively originate - to carry out education measures for the population on the subject of hygiene. This can be done, for example, by events for adults at the village level and for children and young people in the schools - the establishment of basic medical care, for example by the establishment and expansion of hospitals in remote areas or by the establishment of a central hospital in and for this region

- also allow German doctors or nursing staff to stay abroad in order to be medically active in the course of their training or further training in this region.

- to improve the accommodation and food of the pilgrims. In the high season from April to June, there are high burdens on the existing infrastructure by the approximately 400,000 people who are pilgriming to the source of the Ganges or Yamunas

Or by other measures which pursue the purpose of the foundation pursuant to section 2 (2) sentence 1.

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