Inauguration Primary Health Care Centre in Ghanchan Gaon / Mori
24. May 2019
Surgical Charity Camp
26. May 2019

Happy End: News from Seema

In 2016 in collaboration with Interplast we had the wonderful opportunity to enable a poor, 16-year-old girl to start a new life: Seema has been suffering from Pierre-Robin syndrome since her birth and therefore had to grow up with a missing lower jaw. In 2016 she was operated by a German team of specialists and within six months she had developed a complete lower jaw.

Dear friends of the GMP-Foundation, we are extremely happy to announce that Seema got married on April 30th, 2018!

Thus a young girl who was born with a terrible deformation and was condemned to lead a demeaning life also with great risk of exploitation, suddenly has a life and future like any other normal girl in country.

In words, we can not describe the gratitude we feel for you, who support us in our work. Together we were able to give a happy end to a tragic story of suffering.

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Seema, left
08. April 2019

Traditonal „Gangaur Savari“ Festival
08. April 2019 in Achrol

Seema “first encounter“
in Achrol 5th November 2015

12th October.2016

Seema shortly before surgery
15th October.2016