Leisure Center and Football field (currently in planning)
26. May 2018
Inauguration Primary Health Care Centre in Ghanchan Gaon / Mori
24. May 2019

“Actually, you should not pity a person at all,
it is better. You help him.””

– Maxim Gorki

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters of Georg-Michael Praetorius Foundation!

Christmas is a quiet time of contemplation and reflection. With a feeling of complacency, but also with some pride and great gratitude, we can look back together on a very intensive, busy and successful year 2018.

The stated goal of our foundation is to support impecunious, ill people, especially children and adolescents, by providing them appropriate therapy. Our vision is to help, so that both their bodies and souls can recover and revive.

To give them hope so that they can dare to dream of living an independent life in dignity and self-esteem!

In 2018, as in previous years, we received generous support from you. Without your deeply appreciated donations we could never realize our ambitious projects.

We would like to update you and report our work and the status of the respective projects.

2018 can actually bergarded as a “year of breakthrough”, because this year we succeeded in convincing the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) that we as a Sheltered Foundation run by the Deutsches-Stiftungs-Zentrum (DSZ) are just as deserving of support from the German Government as an independent foundation.

For us this is a great opportunity to prove that we are operationally strong and effective. Our administrative work such as donation- and money-management is managed by the DSZ. This of course guarantees absolute transparency of all our financial transactions on one hand and, on the other , allows us to concentrate our time and energy totally on our project work. Within this framework, we have received approval and funding for the following pilot project:

A Community Primary Health Care Centre located in the remote mountain village Ghanchan Goan in Mori Block/ Uttarakhand. The pilot project will be run under the guidance of Schmitz Foundations and on behalf of BMZ.

The mountain population of Ghanchan Gaon and and surrounding areas, have no means of accessing any kind of medical care locally. High mountains, deep valleys and a poor transportation network prevent access to many health services which the people living in such in remote areas so direly require.

Therefore together with our partner association German Pharmacists Aid “Apotheker Helfen” we decided to establis a basic health care station in this remote area. Dr. Andreas Wiegand, Managing Director of Apotheker Helfen and I were already on-site in September.

The local community has also committed to provide us with a beautiful building so that we can move quickly. We hope to inaugurate this medical facility latest by May 2019

Ghanchan Goan Hospital Building

First visit of Ghanchan Goan in July 2018 with village elder “Syana ji” (2nd from the left)

Our „Hearing Disability” project which gives special attention to severely hearing-impaired children and adolescents continues. Since December 2016 we have been able to provide therapy to 120 children – mostly by surgery complemented by speech therapy.

Allowing these young patients have the opportunity to continue their schooling and to carry on with vocational education. Most importantly, the children can communicate and have fun with others again, reintegrating them back into their families and society.

Last but not the least, in November 2018 together with our “top surgeon” Dr. Andreas Schmidt and his equally outstanding Interplast-Bayern Süd team we organised a charity surgical camp for the hill people. Here, we focused on the treatment of burn victims and other members of the poor population with partially innate, severely limiting damage and disfigurement. Our partner association “Apotheker Helfen” also is participating in this project with us and we were able to achieve a lot together.

Let us just let some of the following images speak for themselves!

Lalit, 16 years, was operated on 25th July 2018 with great success.

Dr. Andreas Schmidt at the screening in Kalindi Hospital in Vikasnagar in November 2018

 Farman, 16: Clubfoot-Patient before surgery

Farman, 16: Clubfoot-Patient after surgery

All in all, 2018 was both a busy and successful year and together we achieved a lot! All these numerous initiatives and projects would not have been possible without your support. are very grateful. Your selfless generosity not only of great significance to our work but carries a special meaning and message to your for our “mountain resident clientele” which is more than fantastic.

Together with “Apotheker Helfen” we would like to help again in 2019, of course focussing on sustainability. We are happy about every cooperation, because we all know that we can do more together than we can do on our own – that’s the only way we can really make a difference.

In deep gratitude to all of you, dear family and friends who support me and my mission, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful year 2019!

All I have to reciprocate in return for your kindness is the joyous fact that only together with you – your help, encouragement and commitment – it was possible to help all these people live a life of dignity and to give them the dream of a better future.

For that and your loyalty I cannot thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, and thank you many times over again.

For today I would like to say to say goodbye to you with the traditional salutation of our Rajput clan:

जय  माताजी

“Jai Mataji”

Hailed be our celestial Mother Goddess

Dr. Shashi Praetorius

& Team der Dr. GMP-Stiftung

Together with our Interplast team we celebrated „Diwali Festival of Lights“ on Novermber 08, 2018 in our Ashram.