Medical Camp 2016 – …. the divine inspiration ….
23. December 2016
Charity Medical Camp in Mugu, April 2017
1. May 2017
Dear All,
The „Christkindl Markt“ in Muenchen – „Christmas Market“ in Munich is an experience well worth one visit – as we all who are fortunate to live around our Bavarian capital know only too well.
Bavaria I refer to with great deliberation as homage and ovation to the accomplishment of our “interplast Bavaria Team” who made these surgical wondrous feats happen!
The team headed by Dr. Andreas Schmidt along with Dr. Ales Stanek and Frau Barbara Stauber – please accept our sincerest thanks.
Also we thank Kalindi Hospital in Vikasnagar for allowing us not only free access to the Operation Theaters and Wards for our patients, but also supporting us with the entire infrastructure.
We are deeply grateful.

Highlights of 2016, therefore, for us were of quite a different nature, in context with our (still very young GMP-Foundation) – perhaps we should just let the pictures in the attachment speak for themselves.

Board Members Rolf Harzmann |Sonya Netzle | Dr. Shashi Praetorius | Her Highness Princess Dr. Michaela Wolkonsky

1. Seema/ 17 yrs … suffered from congenital Micrognathia : A deformity also called “Mandibular Hypoplasia” – a craniofacial condition of an undersized jaw – which interferes with normal breathing and eating!

Seema “first encounter“
in Achrol 5th November 2015

12th October.2016

Seema shortly before surgery
15th October.2016

Seema 2-weeks post surgery
29th Oct.2016

Seema 7-weeks post surgery
9th December.2016

2. Little Gopal/ 9 yrs…. suffered from speech and hearing disability!

Little Gopal “our first encounter”
in Achrol 3rd November.2015

Little Gopal in Vikasnagar
15th March.2016

Little Gopal as a “School boy”
in Achrol 30th October 2016

3. Tarun/14yrs….. lost his mother & suffered loss of his right foot as a child of one year. It was crushed in a train accident!

Tarun “ our first encounter“
15th October.2016

Tarun “post surgery“ 
20th October. 2016

Happy Tarun”
22nd October 2016

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a joyful healthy and peaceful 2017

In deep gratitude to all of you dear family and friends for supporting me and my mission.

All I have to reciprocate your kindness is the joyful fact that it is only with your endorsement and encouragement we have been able to enable these children to lead a life in dignity and a promise of a better future.

Thank you, thank you and thank you many times over

For today I bid you goodbye with our traditional salutation of our clan

“ Jai Mataji”

“Hailed be our celestial Mother Goddess”

Dr. Shashi Praetorius

Founder & Chairwoman