With flip flops in the operating room
3. December 2016
Medical Camp 2016 – …. the divine inspiration ….
23. December 2016

Dear friends of the GMP Foundation,

Medical care is almost non existent in large areas of the Himalaya.

Therefore the GMP Foundation organizes so-called „Medical Camps“ to offer free medical treatment to the mountain population.

Regular repetition of these successful “medical camps” can only be achieved with constant financial support.

Last year we held 11 medical camps:

1 22. – 24.03.13 General Medical Camp Dr. R. K. Singh, Dr. S. M. Dixit,
Dr. S. Koot, Dr. G. Shukla
2 30.03. – 01.06.13 Paediatric Dr. Ashish Jain 183
3 19. – 20.06.13 General Surgery & Urology Dr. S. M. Dixit 112
4 29. – 30.06.13 OB & GYN Dr. Sanskriti Priya 98
5 28. – 30.06.13 Opthalmology Dr. Nishant Nawani 404
6 20. – 21.07.13 Orthopaedic Dr. Rajnish Kumar Singh 393
7 30. – 31.08.13 Paediatric Dr. Ashish Jain 119
8 30.-31.08.13 OB & GYN Dr. Sanskriti Priya 142
9 September Camp Rampur Dr. Ashish Jain, Dr. Govind,Dr. Dixit 238
10 Oktober Kalindi Hospital Camp Dr. R.K. Singh, Dr. Dixit 250
11 November Camp Burkot Dr. Sanskriti Priya, Dr. R.K. Singh, Dr. Dixit 445


Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius in conversation with patients, October 2013



Accommodation for the medical teams from Germany:

In July 2013 we inaugurated the new Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius „Ashram“ with a so called „Puja“. „Ashram“ means refuge in Sanskrit. It is a very peaceful property in the middle of a mango grove.

GMP Ashram

GMP Ashram


Infrastructure construction for our activites

The on-site infrastructure  has been improved by medical donations to the Kalindi Hospital in Vikasnagar, Uttrakhand. The donated medical devices allow a much better diagnosis and treatment. They can also be used at medical camps.

We attented the ceremonial opening of Kalindi Hospital in February 2013 with Health Minister Surendra Singh Negi.


Einweihung des Kalindi Krankenhauses durch Gesundheitsminister Surendra Singh Negi

Opening of Kalindi Hospital