„Irene“ – Source of drinking water in Vikasnagar
26. May 2018
Leisure Center and Football field (currently in planning)
26. May 2018

Dear Friends of the GMP Foundation,

currently we are maintaining and managing two water purification plants in Heena and Vikasanagar in order to provide the locals with sufficient water supply.

GMP Foundation’s first project was the construction of the drinking water source “Snow Crystal” in Heena / Uttarkashi.

It supplied the villagers with clean drinking water since May 2013. For that aim the water, which flows through the Ganges, is reprocessed with german technology so that it reaches WHO standards.

But shortly after completion, the place was completely flooded by the Ganges flood.
Meanwhile, we have received the message that “only” the pipes to the Ganges and the motor pump were broken or damaged. However, the drinking water point on the bank was completely flooded and eroded!

But we do not let it discourage us and instead rebuild the water source step by step.