On the subject of water supplies

28. December 2017

Merry Christmas! The year 2017 in review:

Blindness separates people from things; Deafness separates people from people. – Helen Keller* Dear Friends of the GMP Foundation, 2017 was an intensive and busy year […]
10. December 2017

Charity Medical Camp in Humla, October 2017

Dear Friends of the GMP Foundation. We are delighted to announce that our second Charity Medical Camp in the remote Humla area from October 23 to […]
10. December 2017

Charity Medical Camp in Mugu, April 2017

In cooperation with Ek Ek Paila, a group of like-minded Nepalese doctors and dedicated citizens, the first medical camp was held in Gamghadi, Mugu district, in […]
10. December 2017

The history of our collaboration with Ek Ek Paila (step by step)

In the aftermath of the great earthquake of 2015, a group of like-minded Nepalese doctors & concerned citizens, decided to take healthcare to the affected districts. […]
23. September 2017

Highlight 2017: Our Fight against Hearing Disabilities

Our Vision: We want to help sustainably and pave the way into a better future for young people with little perspective. This includes, of course, access […]
12. March 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year form the Praetorius Family

Dear All, The „Christkindl Markt“ in Muenchen – „Christmas Market“ in Munich is an experience well worth one visit – as we all who are fortunate […]
23. December 2016

Medical Camp 2016 – …. the divine inspiration ….

The case of “ Little Gopal“ relies on a nearly divine inspiration! ….the divine inspiration …. It all began after our mission in Kekri Rajasthan/November 2015. The […]